Eliminate water

Water is always present due to the heating and cooling of the engine parts. The diesel fuel used as a combustion source contains sulfur. Small amounts of fuel will pass through the piston rings and into the oil. The sulfur will mix with the water creating sulfuric acid. The use of the Kleenoil double filtration system eliminates 99.95% of water, reducing the formation of the sulfuric acid that accelerates the wear on motor parts.


Retains Desirable Elements

Some additives are intentionally placed in the oil to make it more efficient. While the Kleenoil filtering system eliminates dirt, contaminants, metallic particles and water; it does not eliminate the oil additives that are necessary for its correct operation.



Extends the Intervals between Drains

Given the benefits explained before, the life of the oil is prolonged. The oil is kept clean; water free and with the additives necessary for it to work as efficiently as possible. The oil analysis will determine the life of the oil, which varies, but is increased on average between 5 to 10 times from what it would be without using the Kleenoil filtering system.



Reduces Service Time

Changing the cartridge of the Kleenoil filter requires far less time than changing the oil. Simply remove the lid of the filter, replace the used cartridge with a new one, and then bolt the lid back on the filter. This whole process can be done in less than 10 minutes, not having to worry about contaminating the components of the equipment during oil changes.




Removes Dirt and Contaminants

Dust and metal particles go hand in hand with hydraulic systems and engine oil. Factory filtration systems generally use 10 to 40 micron oil filters. The increase in wear and damage to the components begins with particles that are between 3 and 6 microns. Kleenoil guarantees filtration that removes particles from 1 micron nominal to 3 micron absolutes. This reduces the wear on the engine components and therefore reduces failures. This minimizes downtime and replacement of parts. Kleenoil extends the life of your equipment.

Provides Continuous Protection

The Kleenoil filtration system is installed without affecting the engines oil pressure. Once the engine or hydraulic pump activates, it generates pressure for the oil and goes through the dense filter cartridge continuously without any need from an external pump. The cartridge´s design allows the water to be extracted from the oil through absorption, allowing oil molecules to pass through without being altered. Dirt and particles that contribute to wear are caught in the cartridge through adsorption, which makes it a continuous self-contained recycling system.

Protects the Environment

Because the oil is recycled within the filter, the intervals between changes are extended. Oil is a limited resource that one day will run out. Maximizing the use of the same oil reduces the quantity that must be bought during the working life of your equipment. In addition, the reduction of contaminated oil to be removed is a way of decreasing the impact on the environment. Whenever an oil change is required, there is a risk of spills and ground pollution. Reducing the number of oil changes dramatically decreases this risk.

Reduces Operative Costs.

80% or more per year in equipment, only in oil changes.

Hydraulic Systems: Studies show that in many cases, and working under normal conditions, it is possible to not need an oil change again, given that the cartridges are replaced according to specifications.

To this we must add all the savings and the increased working life of your equipment.

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